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Friendship Bracelets and A Valentine's Day Classroom Gift Idea

I've been obsessed with friendship bracelets lately.  Well,  since my daughter wanted to make them as gifts for her Valentine's Day exchange in her class.  Check these beauties outs.  Included are links to the websites/blogs where the authors have post instructions (lucky us!):

Image courtesy of the Purl bee
Image courtesy of By Wilma
Image courtesy of wikiHow
Image courtesy of Oh So Pretty The Diaries
Image courtesy of the Purl bee. This is my favorite!  It's a large cuff!
Image courtesy of the Purl bee
Remember way back in the day, how popular these were?  I do.  I use to make them in every color and style.  So when it was Valentine's day, we searched Pinterest and found what I thought would be an easy and quick way to make bracelets for her class since it involved braiding.  Look at how cute these are!

Image courtesy of Dandee-Designs
Since my daughter had a bit of trouble with braiding, I had to change the bracelets up a bit.  I decided to go back to basics and have her tie knots instead, like true friendship bracelets!  Dandee-Designs was generous enough to provide an pdf of the card.  However, it did not seem to work for me.  The dimensions were off and did not fit on the paper correctly.  So I had to remake my own.  I'd like to share them with you*.  I staggered the circles so that there is enough space to cut them out.  I also added a "From:" and all you need to do is have your little Valentine write his or her name after.  :) 

Here's the link for the Classroom Cards.  It reads, "our class would not be the same without you!":

Here's the link for the General Cards.  It reads, "my world would knot be the same without you!":

Here's how ours turned out!
 Materials Needed:
Bracelet Directions:
  1. Take 2 different color embroidery floss 24 inches long.  For this sake lets say it's pink and blue.
  2. Tie them together at one end and clip the it to the clipboard.
  3. Pull straight down on the blue string. 
  4. Take the pink (which is your working string) and tie a knot while pulling the blue straight down (NOT TO THE SIDE) and taught.  Pull the pink all the way up and tight, closing the knot.
  5. Switch and pull the pink straight down and now the blue is your working string.  Tie a knot with the blue and pull it straight up taught while holding the pink straight down.
  6. Continue switching back and forth in this method until your bracelet has reached approximately 8.5 inches of tied knots.
  7. To finish, take both strings (pink and blue) and tie together one knot you did in the beginning.
Card Directions:
Place one sheet of the card stock paper at a time when printing.  It will help with being sure there's less paper jams!
  1. Print the template of your choice on card-stock paper.
  2. Either using your scissors or the circle cutter, cut approximately a 2 1/2" diameter around each of the cards.  If you have a fancy schmancy scallop edge circular punchy thingy, be my guest and use that.  It'll look even better :)
  3. Using the hole puncher, punch a hole on either side of the cards being sure to not to get too close to the edge.
  4. Slip each of the ends of the bracelet through the holes, from back to front.
  5. Tape the bracelet to the back of the cards to hold in place.
What's best about this style of bracelet knots, it becomes elastic-like!  Hope you enjoy making your bracelets!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Leave me comments and I'll respond to them as best as I can! :)

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